Opioid, Indiana by Brian Allen Carr

Opioid, Indiana is the heart-wrenching story of Riggle, a grief stricken 17 year old from the border of Texas who finds himself trying to acclimate to the weather and culture change of moving to rural Indiana. Having nowhere else to turn, he finds he has to navigate the hardships of the rural drug culture. Along his travels, Riggle is fortunate enough to find a great best friend who showed him kindness and that he wasn’t alone on this Earth. 

Riggle embarks upon on a hero’s adventure to find his addict uncle to avoid being put in a state home for orphans, but the rent is due in a few days and Riggle isn’t sure he can earn enough before then. Along his travels Riggle meets the colorful people of Opioid, Indiana and sees the possible futures his life could take if his chooses one path over another. 

Sherry Sabins
Library Assistant

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Opioid, Indiana by Brian Allen Carr
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