Kelley Blue Book
Kelley Blue Book (KBB) is an authoritative source for finding prices for new and used vehicles, car reviews, and listings of cars for sale and local car dealers.  KBB also offers research tools that allow users to compare prices of cars, ownership costs, and more.

IntelliChoice: Choose Your Car Wisely
IntelliChoice is similar to KBB with more of a focus on award-winning vehicles.  This source provides information about Best Overall Value Award winners and Certified Pre-Owned Award winners, as well as information about the prices of new and used vehicles, information about the mileage of various cars, and financing information.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
The NHTSA’s official website provides information from the government about driving and vehicle safety, such as recalls, as well as information about laws and regulations related to vehicles and driving.  You can also file a complaint about your vehicle on this website and search for recalls on your vehicle using its VIN.

Car Talk
This is the website for NPR’s popular call-in radio show (now off-air and in re-runs), hosted by two mechanics who attempt to diagnose callers’ car problems over the phone.  This website offers troubleshooting, advice, and tips about cars, such as do-it-yourself guides to changing tires and oil changes, and fun top-ten lists about cars and driving.


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) allows college students to apply for federal aid offered by the U.S. Department of Education. This website also offers some information about how federal aid can help students pay for college.

This website collects information about financial aid for college, including information about the FAFSA, private scholarships, and aid for military personnel. It also offers advice about saving money for college as well as tools for calculating how much college might costs, what your loan repayments might be, and how much colleges might expect families to pay.

Best Colleges U.S. News & World Report Rankings
In addition to offering rankings of colleges and universities across the U.S., this website also offers numerous statistics about these schools, including the average test scores of the incoming classes, school size, and graduation rates. You can also find articles about other aspects of higher education, such as writing college application essays, applying for financial aid and scholarships, and campus safety.

College Board
This company is responsible for creating and scoring the SAT and AP tests, and their website provides information about these tests. You can also register for the SAT here. Additionally, you can access college planning and college search tools here.
This website has information for undergrad students, grad students, online students, and international students. You can search for schools, find information on writing admissions essays, learn about paying for higher education, and learn about standardized tests

College Prep 101
This website is a resource to help students to prepare for and succeed at college.  It provides info about getting into college–such as SAT and ACT prep info–as well as suggestions about what to bring to college,  college planning checklists, interviews with current college students about college life, and financial aid information.


This web site offers a wide variety of recipes and articles about food and cooking. Some recipes include videos, too. They also have blog posts about food, dining, and entertaining. Visitors to the site can search for recipes by keyword or simply browse.

Martha Stewart Cooking
This web site offers many recipes. You can search recipes by meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.) and by category (easy, better than takeout, seasonal, etc.), or you can find articles about ingredients, food, and cooking.

Food Network
On Food Network, you can find recipes featured on Food Network t.v. shows, as well as other recipes. You can search recipes by keyword or by category (healthy, holidays, easy, etc.). You can also live-stream Food Network from this web site.

The web site for this nonprofit educational organization aims to help people achieve good health through heritage. They offer food pyramids for different diets (vegetarian, Mediterranean, etc.), traditional recipes, and email newsletters. They also host a blog and provide information on different foods and diet.


This web site provides a collection of resources for job-seekers, including links to online job boards with a wide variety of themes (summer jobs, full-time jobs, part-time jobs, and jobs by industry). Visitors to this site can also find information about resumes, cover letters, freelancing, changing careers, job interviews, scams, and more.

On Monster, you can search for jobs by location, keyword, date posted, job type, and company. You can also sign up to receive emails including job postings similar to ones you’ve already searched for on Monster. Additionally, you can find career and job hunting resources, or you can create a free account with your email or Facebook account to post your resume to Monster.

On Indeed, you can search for jobs by keyword and location, and you can sort results by date posted. You can also upload your resume to this web site if you create a free account using your email.

Employers can post jobs and job-seekers can post resumes to this web site, which attempts to match employers with employees. A free log-in with an email address is required to post your resume to this web site.


Wall Street Journal
This is the online version of the daily financial newspaper, The Wall Street Journal. Its reporting focuses on businesses and stocks on a national and international scale.

On the web site for this stock index, users can find current information about the stock market, as well as news stories related to stocks and business. This site also offers information about forthcoming initial public offerings, an earnings calendar, and other financial information.

The online edition of Forbes Magazine offers a wide variety of financial and business news articles.


A free website that allows you to search your family’s history and create family trees.


This web site, updated daily, is where the National Institute of Health posts information for patients about diseases, medical research, clinical drug trials, and supplements. They also offer a medical dictionary, a medical encyclopedia, and information in Spanish. This is a free, easy-to-understand, authoritative, and trustworthy source for medical information.

This government web site offers scientific information about food and nutrition. Visitors can find information about meal planning and preparation, dietary supplements, food assistance programs such as SNAP, and information about weight management. This web site also includes links to other potentially useful government web sites such as and

Food and Nutrition Information Center/
This government website offers information similar to that of Visitors can find information about diet and disease, life cycle nutrition, food safety, and food research and surveys. Also included is information about food labeling and food assistance programs.

This web site, run by WebMD, offers current information about generic and brand-name drugs. They also offer a pill identifier, slideshows about medical topics, a symptom checker, a dictionary, and quizzes.

Local Information

Groveland Boy Scouts Troop 87
This is the web site for the local BSA troop; it provides contact information for the troop, their calendar of events, photographs, and troop history.

Veasey Park
The web site for Groveland’s Hidden Gem provides information about the park, including a trail map, as well as information about upcoming events there, contact information, and rental information.

Citizen Information Service
This state government web site provides links to a diverse array of information that may be useful to residents of Massachusetts, including contact information for town and city halls, state offices, and elected officials. Visitors to this web site can also find out where to vote, access several maps of the state (including an area code map and a booklet of Congressional districts), find consumer and holiday information, and learn about the history of Massachusetts.
This is the official web site of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Here, users can access information about state courts, state offices, and state services, including information about child support, unemployment insurance, MassHealth, unclaimed property, and employment opportunities with the state. You can also change your drivers’ license address, renew your drivers’ license, and find information about hunting, fishing, and state parks.


The Eagle Tribune
The Eagle Tribune is a daily newspaper covering the Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire, based out of North Andover and Derry. The library has the past week’s copies of The Eagle Tribune available in print to read in the library.

The Haverhill Gazette
The Haverhill Gazette is a weekly newspaper that covers news from Haverhill and the surrounding communities.

The Daily News
The Daily News is a daily newspaper (except Sundays) based out of Newburyport and covering the surrounding communities. The library has the past week’s copies of The Daily News available in print to read in the library.

The Town Common
The Town Common is a free weekly newspaper covering the North Shore and Seacost N.H. The library has the current edition of The Town Common available in print to read in the library.

Parent Resources

Parenting Resources USA
This government website provides a collection of links to information that parents and grandparents may find useful on a wide variety of topics such as child support, health issues, and youth employment. There are also links to information geared toward specific groups, including adoptive parents, expecting parents, and grandparents raising grandchildren.

Healthy Children
This is the official website for the American Academy of Pediatrics. It offers a range of health information for various ages from prenatal care through young adulthood, including information about nutrition, fitness, emotional wellness, family dynamics, vaccines, injuries, symptoms, and health news.

Kids in Mind: Movie Ratings and Parents’ Reviews
On this site, you can find summaries, ratings (G, PG, etc.) and running times of popular movies, as well as a 1 to 10 rating of each film in terms of its sexual content, violent or gory content, and profane content. New movie reviews are offered on the homepage, or you can search by title or rating.


Bartelby offers free, full-text editions of numerous poetic works on their website. Their list of works includes collections by a single author as well as anthologies of poetry, and the collection has a wide variety of authors and topics. All of the works offered have expired out of their copyrights; consequently, most of the poetry is from the early 20th century or earlier.

Academy of American Poets
Visitors to the home page of the Academy of American Poets can sign up for the “poem-a-day” email list, which sends recipients one unpublished poem each day, or for the site’s “Educator Newsletter.” Additionally, this website offers nearly 6000 freely available poems and more than 1000 poet biographies; poems are searchable by title or author as well as by theme, occasion, poetic school, or form (sonnet, blank verse, etc.). Visitors to the site can also find critical essays about poetry and poets or shop for poetry-related merchandise.

Poets & Writers/
The website for the print magazine of the same title offers an online version of some of the print content, as well as original articles about poets, writers, and books and a classified ads section. The site offers numerous resources for poets and writers, including a message forum, a directory of writers, tools for writers, information about upcoming events, and funding information.

Reader’s Advisory

Books and authors
This website allows users to browse books by title, author, genre, or awards, and search results can be filtered by age (books for children, for teens, and for adults).  Themed book lists (bestsellers, seasonal books, etc.) are available, and users can create personalized book reviews and reading lists if they sign up for a free account.

Book Page
In addition to accessing current and past print editions of Book Page, which includes book reviews and author interviews, the Book Page website also offers unique online content such as lists of trending book reviews, trending interviews, and blogs.

Book Reporter
On Book Reporter you can find book reviews, author bibliographies, contests, news about upcoming books, and links to their specialized book websites: 20somethingreads, teenreads, kidsreads, readinggroupguides, graphicnovelreporter, and authorsontheweb.  Book Reporter also offers several themed email newsletters that you can elect to receive.

Book Browse
This website focuses primarily on book reviews; you can search for book reviews by title, author, and theme.  They also offer readalike suggestions by title and author, advice for book clubs, and a blog.  Much of this website’s content is available for free, or users can join for $35 per year to gain full access to the website.

Goodreads offers summaries of books, “members also enjoyed” lists for each book, and lists of books voted on by its members (such as “Best Books of the 20th Century,” “Best Book Club Books,” etc.).  Members of the site, which is free, can also create their own bookshelves or reading lists, receive book recommendations based on the books they’ve read, vote on book lists, enter book giveaway contests, sign up for email newsletters, and participate in author Q&As.


Frommer’s is a well-known publisher of travel guides, and excerpts from these guides, as well as original articles about travel destinations, are available on their website. Their website also offers tips about currency, travel insurance, packing, and travel abroad, as well as message boards and access to travel booking services for flights, hotels, and more.

U.S. Department of State: Travel Information/
On this government website, you can report a lost or stolen passport, apply for a U.S. passport, apply for visas for U.S. and foreign citizens, find currency exchange rates, find travel tips and the Department of State’s A-Z list of countries. This website also provides emergency information for travelers, a hotline for American travelers, and travel warnings.

Due to the many illnesses going around this winter, mask wearing at the library is encouraged and recommended!