Witchlings by Claribel A. Ortega

Witchlings by Claribel A. Ortega is a cute middle grade fantasy about Seven Salazar, a young witchling girl who is excited to find out which coven she will be placed in! She has her favorite one picked out, but any coven will be okay. As long as she doesn’t get placed in the same coven as her worst enemy, Valley, or worse, become a Spare (a witch without a real coven). Spares are the lowest of the low – treated like servants and not seen as equals by many in their witch society.

But then, the worst happens. Not only is Seven named a Spare, but Valley is also a Spare with her, along with a girl named Thorn. And to seal their coven and not stay witchlings forever they will have to capture the infamous Night Beast, which preys on witchlings. But something happens when Seven, Thorn, and Valley begin their mission – they discover that someone is plotting against not only against Spares, but the heads of their community as well.

Can three witchlings save everyone when they don’t even want to be in their own coven? Will Seven, Valley, and Thorn be able to get along?

I loved the whimsical writing in this book, and the main characters were fantastic. If anyone is looking for a witchy middle grade, look no further. I highly recommend this one to you.

– Darcy Lepore, Library Director

Witchlings by Claribel A. Ortega