Picture Books With An Earth Friendly Theme

Lobstah Gahden
Written by Alli Brydon & EG Keller
Illustrated by EG Keller

This educational and funny book follows the story of Walter, the lobster who is competing against his neighbor, Milton, in the annual Swell Gahdens contest. But what happens when trash and pollution start destroying all of Milton and Walter’s hard work? They work together to solve the problem! 

This picture book is a fun read since the entire book is written in an over-the-top “wicked awesome” Boston accent. The ending of the book includes “lobstah” fun facts, ways that children can help reduce ocean pollution, and organizations that are helping Walter, Milton, and their neighbors!

Trillions of Trees
Written & Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus

This book follows a little girl who attempts to buy a trillium tree, but is misheard and is instead sent a trillion trees! It follows her, her brother, and her entire community as they plant the trees in yards, parks, and reservations to restore a forest after a fire.

A great counting book featuring the importance of planting trees and other ecological concepts.

Hello Rain

Written by Kyo Maclear
Illustrated by Chris Turnham

Let’s celebrate all the ways in which rain helps us and makes our lives better! This book follows a little girl and her dog as they appreciate and explore the many different ways in which rain effects and influences the world around them, from the biggest tree to the tiniest frog. 

Hannah Longo
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Picture Books With An Earth Friendly Theme