The Walking Dead Season 9 (Television Review)

The Walking Dead (Season 9) serves as somewhat of a fresh start for The Walking Dead, as it introduces the style of Angela Kang, a longtime writer for the series who took on the role of showrunner at the start of this season’s production. As the first female showrunner, she does not disappoint. The writing for storylines, dialogue, and further developing fan-favorite characters, is very rich and complex in so many new and creative ways that the series has never experienced before. Throughout the season, as noted by several cast members leading up to the premiere, there is an ongoing theme of more diversity and feminism within the leadership of the survivors.

Longtime fans of the series definitely take note of the use of different types of weapons. For example, now that the survivors are such a large number of years into the apocalypse, it has become harder and harder to find bullets. Therefore, in Season 9, many characters we know and love have ditched their signature firearms for things like spears and bow and arrows. However, weapons are not the only on-screen change that viewers notice when watching this season; a number of fan-favorite characters exit the series, too.

Nonetheless, The Walking Dead (Season 9) is great. When a series has been airing for so many years, it should only be expected for change to come, both on and off the camera. In this case, change takes place for the sake of much-needed advancement within story and tone, while maintaining the qualities that have always made the series loved by such a substantial fandom.

Shaun Hood
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The Walking Dead Season 9 (Television Review)
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